Panoramahotel Schweinfurt
Am Oberen Marienbach 1
97421 Schweinfurt

Phone: +49 9721 770 70
Fax: +49 9721 770 71 60

About Schweinfurt

Schweinfurt is an urban city in Lower Franconia and the Main-Rhön region

Today it has a population of 53,000 inhabitants with 33,000 commuters who daily enter the city for work. Today Schweinfurt is no longer merely an industrial city, but rather a city with educational and recreational centers, a city in which various museums

offer art, culture and remarkable architecture.

For more than 100 years Schweinfurt has been world-famous as the center of ball-bearing industry, since the ball-bearing was invented here. Getting away from its monopolistic structure Schweinfurt has become an attractive standpoint for a whole diversity of industries of all kinds.

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